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Mutated Snail Slimes New Orleans!

Sorry for not publishing last week.I was close to being done with a book review of The Politics of Bad Ideas, but then my computer went kaflooey.I still hope to have that up soon.June 27, 2011 – I’m detecting a definite undercurrent of panic these days.The reason I say that is that bloggers are supplying “information” that the news media are unwilling or unable to supply, along with a helping of innuendo, on the side.While some of the stories are legitimate, others (giant sinkholes??) need to be viewed skeptically, rather than taken at face value.Furthermore, reporting every bit of bad news (“School Board Cuts Teachers’ Salaries”) as if it belonged in the same class as the ongoing nightmare at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, is disingenuous, at best.At worst, its purpose is to induce a state of panic, G-d only knows why.Adrenaline junkies should not rule the ether.Let’s leave the business of purveying worthless half-truths and sly innuendo to the corporate news giants, shall we?Aft…

Low Friends in High Places

June 20, 2011 – BOOK REVIEW.The Politics of Bad Ideas: The Great Tax Cut Delusion and the Decline of Good Government in America. (2008). Bryan D. Jones and Walter Williams.Depending upon whom you read and believe, Americans pay less in taxes today than at any time since either 1958 or 1950, take your pick.Coincidentally, American indebtedness now totals over 100% of annual GDP, for only the second time in American history (the first time was the result of militarization in order to fight World War II).Let’s see now – the government has chosen to reduce its income while, at the same time, spending more than it has ever spent in peacetime.When individuals spend more money than they earn, it comes as no surprise that they eventually wind up insolvent.Why Republicans insist that a similar course of action is not only worthy of consideration, where governments are concerned, but actually advisable, is the subject of Jones’ and Williams’ book.Isn’t it interesting that this notion – that wea…

Live Like You Mean It

June 15, 2011 – At the beginning of 2011, the UN issued a statement concerning global food production, saying that if the world’s “bread basket” nations did not all have bumper crops this year, there would be critical food shortages. Let’s take a look at how that’s playing out:
Here in the United States, the Mississippi River flooded yet again, leading the Army Corps of Engineers to destroy levees which kept the floodwaters contained. While Americans questioned the decision to flood many thousands of acres of some of the country’s richest farm land, it prevented the flooding of towns up and down the river (although, in fact, Memphis wound up being largely overrun by water). Needless to say, this has led to diminished food production. In combination with the fires and drought in Texas, and the severe drought in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Kansas, which has devastated wheat crops in all those states, it is probably fair to say that bumper crops are not expected this year.
These are not the on…

A Wholly Owned Subsidiary

June 6, 2011 – When should I have realized? Should it have been when Reagan wanted global warming studied more? If someone had said to me then, “No, it’s Reagan’s Friends (FOR?) – you know, his Fortune 500-business owning friends – who want it studied more” I was definitely na├»ve enough that I would have shaken my head in disbelief. I was convinced the man was simple-minded, as were the people who supported him. It never occurred to me that he was owned by American business, that he had handlers, that he was a mouthpiece. Looking back, I suppose I was halfway to having it figured out: he WAS simple-minded. That’s why he bought it when they told him, “You’re just the man for the job.” He’d never dreamt of playing a major role in history, until it was suggested to him. Say what you will of Reagan, I don’t think hubris was one of his faults. Their plan fell into place so beautifully; he was thrilled, they were thrilled.
Eight years went by, and he held the line. Global warming may have b…