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Tiny Steps

May 12, 2014 - The Daily Climate features an article by Al Kesselheim today.Kesselheim writes about the need for Americans to notice the beauty of nature in their own backyards, rather than expecting to encounter nature only when they visit a state or national park.Actually, Kesselheim writes about wilderness; I will, too, but on a very small scale.
For many Americans, what Kesselheim advises is a bland prospect, at best.First-time homeowners many times own just enough yard to mow, a miniature imitation pasture of sorts that has been scraped off and graded.Those lucky enough to own property that has been tended and loved (or, better yet, neglected!) probably would find a great deal going on in their private outdoors that would be worth noticing.What so many of us lack is the time it would take to do so.
The bugs and the birds are, nevertheless, right there under ignorant and knowledgeable noses alike.What if you were to decide that your own natural paradise consisted of the square ya…