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Book Review: This Changes Everything

January 7, 2015 – I want to tell you about a book I just read, by Naomi Klein, called This Changes Everything.Klein’s book is about climate change, and how very close we have now come to exchanging our world for a place that’s nearly unlivable.
She begins with dogged conjecture regarding why we appear to want to change our world in such a manner.We don’t, of course, so we engage in various degrees of climate change denial.I’ll interject here that looking away and pretending everything will be just fine is essentially mandatory, at least from time to time, if we’re to continue living in this world without going mad.Draconian measures are required, as all non-Republicans are now aware.In the words of Angelica Navarro Llanos, “We need a Marshall Plan for the Earth.”All good Republicans know what that means: the United States will get stuck with the bill.And that terrifies them.
Except that now, China has admitted that it must do something to greatly reduce coal-burning emissions.So have…