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Good For the Land

July 30, 2012 - Thanks to The Christian Science Monitor for discussing the inroads being made by Holistic Management in this country.  I'll be talking about some of what I learned from their article today.  If you'd care to read the CSM article, you can find it here:
Or, if you'd like to learn a little background about the subject, here's a past post of mine:

Imagine this: Ted Turner is one of the leaders of the HM movement in this country!   It may not surprise you to find out that he doesn't know he is, but he is.  (Turner is an oddly prescient human being who often sounds/appears not to know what the day of the week is.  His business decisions frequently seem to rest upon what feels right.  His instincts, and values, are good, however, and he can many times be found on the cutting edge of whatever …

How to End Droughts and Flooding

July 23, 2012 - Since these things all need to happen sooner or later, why not sooner?

1. Shut down all coal-powered power plants immediately.  Impact: Millions of people without power.  Probably a lot of tree cutting and illegal activity so people can survive.  Additional impacts: Millions of people can breathe more easily.  Millions of people get more exercise as they substitute people power for electric power.

2. Renewable sources of energy in high demand.  Impact: Lots of new jobs created.  A time of upheaval, as the old ways die, and the new ways gain acceptance.

2. Corporations ordered to function at 30% of normal electrical power usage.   Impact: Endless numbers of lawsuits.  Energy efficiency in high demand.  Energy consultants in high demand.

3. Everyone ordered to telecommute OR work week shortened to two-ten hour days.  Impact: Many millions of people with far more free time.  Families start eating meals together more often.

4. Everyone ordered to grow as much food as possi…

Evil Wins If We Let It

July 16, 2012 - Bankers, governments, corporations.  It sure looks like they're all in this together.  I'm not quite sure - yet - what "this" is, but it's taking shape.  Commentators, pundits, experts; those in the know refer more and more frequently to criminal behavior.  Gangster-"like" behavior.  The stealing becomes more widespread with every passing week.  Those whom we look to for the execution of justice breathe not a word.  See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  Seems to me like this is what the world looks like when organized crime runs the world.

The small-timers join gangs, the erstwhile major leaguers get a broker's license, governments enable all of it.  The CIA oversees drug trafficking, the Supreme Court thinks corporations are people - very, very shady types of people, and the Republicans are gaming the voter franchise.  Just like in 2000.  Ever wonder why Jeb Bush will never run for President?  Because he helped his brother stea…

Free Dumping, Not Free Markets

July 9, 2012 - Have you detected a subtle shift recently, dating back to, oh say the beginning of the heat wave?  I'm talking about a shift in the way people think.  It's subtle because it is thus far unspoken.  If you could hear the sound of anxiety, however, I think this is the way it would sound.  The interesting part is, after surveying the titles of stories in the news today, I think the shift is already detectable in the pages of our newspapers and magazines.  Care for a sampling?

How global warming is driving our weather wild
Higher ocean acidity is climate change's "evil twin," major threat to coral reefs: NOAA chief
Havoc as monsoon displaces millions
Scientists back global action on reefs
Relief comes for US Midwest, Northeast after heat wave

Televised mainstream media isn't ready for primetime yet.  CNN's story about the last 12 months having been the warmest on record refers only to high heat and severe storms - two of the possible outcomes of glob…

Is Biomass Cleaner?

July 2, 2012 - Those poor, poor people in Washington, D.C. who might not have their power restored until this coming weekend.  If you've never been in Washington in July, take my word for it: it gives the word "awful" new meaning.  The humidity, combined with the heat, makes the weather fit for neither man nor beast.  Here in Ohio, we were part of that original group of 4 million people without electricity, but we got ours back yesterday.  A little bit of food needed to be thrown out.  We were uncomfortably warm for awhile.  It was too hot to go out for a walk, and reading can hold your attention for just so long.  The water worked, and the basement was nice and cool, so we didn't lose any sleep.  Last night, another severe storm moved through, this time with quarter-sized hail.  My potato plants got beaten down, but I think they're ok.  Corn farmers may actually have welcomed these last two storms, assuming the wind and hail didn't finish off their crop.

Do …