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Truly, There's Nothing to be Afraid of

February 26, 2013 – The 1960s scared conservatives worse than I knew – worse than a lot of us knew, I guess.Certainly I lived through that period.Certainly young adults found their voices, and had the nerve to object to being put through the meat grinder called Vietnam.Black Americans continued to seek justice and equality in their adopted homeland. Change was inevitable.It’s understandable that conservatives wanted a say in what those changes would be.Their fearful reaction was – and is - badly overblown.Others’ happiness is nothing to fear.These longed-for changes cost conservatives nothing but their unearned, self-satisfied atrophy.Young people went on dying, even so.
It turns out all of that change scared the socks off market fundamentalists.Determined to return the country to its previous perceived state of inertia, Lewis Powell wrote a memorandum for the US Chamber of Commerce, urging a shift in power away from progressivism.Powell, a corporate lawyer for the tobacco industry, wa…

Clean Air Saves Money

February 11, 2013 - It's time to put it in writing: I've had a lifelong love affair with the Scandinavians. Oh, don't be shocked - they don't even know about it. They're completely innocent. What else, though, can a person do? First there are the Danes, the happiest people in the world. They don't go around bragging about it, the way we would. They're too busy having a great time! Next come the Swedes, perfectly content with their amazing social welfare system and its cradle-to-grave healthcare and education benefits, all paid for by their government. Not that I intend to write about either of these nations, however spectacularly pragmatic they may be. No, my heart skips a beat these days because of those rock-solid, straight-ahead Norwegians. Ogle, ogle, sigh, sigh.

What did they do when the little South American country of Guyana came knocking on their door, asking them to foot the bill if Guyana agreed to halt deforestation? After thinking about it care…

It's All Come Down to This

February 4, 2013 - It's great to be back. There's a lot going on: lots of good science finally coming to fruition ,a president who knows what needs to be done who, now that he's been re-elected; will finally do what needs to be done; most of the continent of Australia either on fire or flooding; much of eastern China - including Beijing - more and more frequently swathed in enough pollution to shorten lives significantly. A mixed bag, that's for sure.

It does seem as though there's a distinct possibility the United States may finally begin taking its environmental responsibilities seriously. Too little, too late? Only time will tell. But the nice people at Bloomberg New Energy Finance tell us that CO2 emissions have fallen by 13% in the past five years here in the U.S., putting them at their lowest levels since 1994. This has been accomplished through the application of energy-saving technologies, and a doubling in the use of renewable energy. According to Lisa Ja…