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How to End Droughts and Flooding

July 23, 2012 - Since these things all need to happen sooner or later, why not sooner?

1. Shut down all coal-powered power plants immediately.  Impact: Millions of people without power.  Probably a lot of tree cutting and illegal activity so people can survive.  Additional impacts: Millions of people can breathe more easily.  Millions of people get more exercise as they substitute people power for electric power.

2. Renewable sources of energy in high demand.  Impact: Lots of new jobs created.  A time of upheaval, as the old ways die, and the new ways gain acceptance.

2. Corporations ordered to function at 30% of normal electrical power usage.   Impact: Endless numbers of lawsuits.  Energy efficiency in high demand.  Energy consultants in high demand.

3. Everyone ordered to telecommute OR work week shortened to two-ten hour days.  Impact: Many millions of people with far more free time.  Families start eating meals together more often.

4. Everyone ordered to grow as much food as possible on their own land.  Impact: Millions of people lose weight.

5. Gasoline rationed.  Impact: Mass transportation in many forms in high demand.

6. Industrial agriculture brought to an end.  Impact: Monsanto, Cargill, and Archer Daniels Midland all go bust.  Organic farming consultants in high demand.

7. Implements and machinery of all kinds must last longer.  Impact: Machine repair in high demand.  Machinists, welders, and jerry riggers of all kinds in high demand.

8. Subdivisions migrate toward more rural ways of life.  Impact: Local markets thrive.  Animal husbandry becomes more common. Everyone has a flock of chickens.

9. Families and friends move in together to share in the cost.  Impact: Unshakeable support networks created.  Help always available when you need it.

10. Climate change becomes less violent.  One day things will go back to normal.  Impact: Death and disease rates decrease.  Life is shorter, but much sweeter.

Some of these things will require government involvement.  Some of them will require YOUR involvement.  Pick one, and start making it happen today.  You'll be amazed how good it feels!


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