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I accepted as fact the news that global warming was really happening when I first heard about it.That would have been in the mid-1970’s.By 1982 I was writing to elected officials about it, alarmed by the skepticism at the very top.I could not understand, nor do I now, what scientists would have to gain by falsely alerting us to the fact that we were killing our planet.Why would someone, let alone thousands of someone’s, waste their time on a bankrupt theory?When had that ever been the custom of the American scientific community?The political community?Yes, of course.Thereby – of course – hangs this particular tale.No one wanted to be the bearer of bad tidings, particularly after Jimmy Carter’s foray into boldly going where no public servant had gone before.The verdict had, after all, been unanimous: shoot the messenger.So, here we are, more than three decades later, conducting an end-of-the-world experiment.We could call it How much can we get away with? We appear to labor under the m…