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September 6, 2009 - In emailing with a friend this week, I was reminded by her of the sometimes infuriating response of people who have willfully remained ignorant about climate change. (An aside: do you sometimes get the feeling that, in the minds of conservatives, anyone who is alarmed about global warming is “just” a tree-hugger and, as such, linked with hippies and war-protestors and lawbreakers and touchy-feely “make love, not war” kinds of stuff? All of which is supposed to provide a good excuse for their obstinacy? Yah – me too.) Not that she responds that way, but I guess members of her family do.

I’m at the point of shrugging and saying “Get out of my way, I haven’t got the time for you.” Not particularly gracious, I’ll grant you, but the time for conversation has run out. Arguing with ignorant people is just a waste of time. Those of us who understand what is at stake need to remember the importance of persistence. We’ve elected a good man as President; now our place is standing shoulder to shoulder with him, in order to help make good things happen!

Unbeknownst to many, the real action is taking place in junior high science classes, where teachers are spreading the word about what lies ahead. I keep waiting for the day when our children and grandchildren come home and demand to know why we’re not doing anything, just as children did when they were taught the dangers

of smoking. Teachers must be torn between telling the whole truth and not wanting to scare their students to death. It has been my experience that “the truth will out.” It has also been my experience that children, in particular, hunger for the truth. One day they’ll come home and tell us, and we’ll wonder what we were so scared of.

In the meantime, keep your carbon footprint as small as possible. Email your congressional representative at least a couple of times a year and let her know about the things you think are important. Grow some vegetables organically.

Wash your clothes with cold water. Hang them out on a line to dry. Work as close to home as possible. Encourage others to do the same. Whatever you do, stay clear of the Republicans: they’re so furious with themselves about what they allowed Bush and Cheney to get away with, and what it’s done to their reputation, they’re likely to say and do anything. Ignore them, and let’s get on with the job at hand.


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