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That Horrible Day

July 12, 2013 – I won’t be writing about climate change today.  Worse yet, I will be writing about 9/11.  I believe in letting the truth be known, and the lie that’s been told to the American people is so corrupting and corroding, it has to be discussed.  Feel free to stay and read.  If not, I’ll see you Monday.

Richard Gage is a brave, smart guy.  He’s an architect, and when he watched the twin towers fall, he knew he wasn’t watching what so many of us believed we were watching.  It turned out a whole lot of architects and civil engineers experienced that same sense of horrified disbelief that horrible day.  They knew what the rest of us did not: the three buildings that came down had been wired for demolition.  They could tell by the way they came down – very neatly.  To a large extent, they came down within their own footprints (although there was too much refuse resulting from the demolition of the two main towers to stay completely within the buildings’ footprints – they were just too big).  Building 7, on the other hand, looks and acts like a textbook demolition, coming literally straight down.

They could tell by the heat of the fires that thermite, a specialty product, had been used so that the buildings were reduced to little more than ash.  In video dating back to shortly after 9/11, we hear Gov. Pataki remarking on the fact that the surrounding blocks were covered in a powdery ash.  Normally, huge shards of steel framing remain.  Not this time.  Witness after witness – frequently, fire fighters and those responsible for clean up - speaks of melted steel.  Newly-formed gullies running with melted steel, the color of the steel looking like poured steel in a steel mill.  The white hot heat of the fires lasted for weeks.  Only one explosive produces results like that: thermite.

That horrible day, a number of TV reporters commented that the twin towers looked like they were rigged for demolition, due to the manner in which they fell.  After 9/11, we never heard that comment again.  That day, one British reporter reported that Building 7 had just fallen – 20 minutes before it actually fell!  She apparently had trouble working out the time difference, and said what she was told to say too early.

Three weeks after the buildings came down, the rubble that remained had been shipped to China.  Three weeks.  Essential information was lost in the frantic rush to get rid of it.  Fortunately, the eyes and ears of well-trained experts still worked.  What they saw and heard has persuaded them that the events of 9/11 were very far from unexpected.  They are convinced that the American people deserve the chance to make up their own minds, and then demand the truth.  I’ve known about Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth for too long, and it’s time to speak up.  Their website can be found at  Richard Gage’s presentation of the facts can be viewed for free at youtube: .  Watch the video, then visit and sign the petition demanding an investigation.  I have.

If you’ve been able to read this far, you can render your country a great service.  Thank you.


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