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No More Dress Rehearsals

February 14, 2014 – If you listen real closely, you can hear the number of climate denialists falling, even as I write.  I say that because I don’t know of a single state that’s dodged the bullet this winter.  (I actually don’t know what Hawaii’s weather has been like, so maybe 1 out of 50.)   Do you suppose that Republicans now understand that mitigation would cost far less than playing catch up?  Of course, we’ll HAVE to play catch up after this winter.  (All of you who have solar panels on your home and live in a city with readily available mass transit have my permission to look smug.)  Our situation can best be described with the words “far too little, far too late.”

The weather is the lead story on the news these days.  Was it really just five years ago that the oh-so-sycophantic TV stations never mentioned it at all?  Unfortunately, the fact that we’ve taken to believing that corporations are in charge hasn’t changed during that time.  That is why we’re in the state we’re in.  The corporations pay the R’s to fight the truth.  Their CEO’s don’t believe G-d has the power to unleash unheard-of temperatures, or insurmountable sea rise.  Or if they do, they look upon it as a business opportunity.  You know – disaster capitalism.  We believe they know best, and there you have it.  The world reduced to dollar signs.

Do you suppose it’s finally dawned on the family-values-propounding, G-d-fearing R’s that this isn’t the bush (I love it!) leagues anymore?  Has it occurred to them that corporations aren’t in charge, and never have been?  That right living and love of G-d is the only way out?  The Big Guy – no, folks, I mean the REALLY Big Guy – is in charge, always has been, and He’s noticed we’re flying too close to the sun.  Destroying the world He gave us does not win points, not when we dare to play End of the World games with His precious gift.

(Nonbelievers: Skip to next paragraph.  Please let’s not waste time arguing about G-d’s gender, or lack thereof.  Everybody knows G-d isn’t a guy.  It’s just that I grew up during a time when we actually thought He was, so I got used to calling Him “He.”  It’s a habit, nothing more.)

Are we truly so self-absorbed that we’ve lost sight of the fact that G-d’s ability to curse is as fearful as His ability to bless is astonishing?  Of course, it is we who have cursed ourselves.  He has merely stepped out of the way.  With every passing month, that fact will become harder and harder to ignore.  It used to be every passing decade, then every passing year.  Now we’re on notice: it’s become every passing month.  Ah well, everyone needs a little reminder now and then.  Problem is, this reminder is fast becoming a lot more “now,” and a lot less “then.”


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